• "B" Rate Front Loading Office Cash Safe - Small


    Model: MCSB20F

    "B" Rate Front Loading Office Cash Management Safe

    These safes are designed to provide immediate deposits and storage for cash and other miscellaneous items.  Keep your cash safe and secure at all times.


    • Strong, formed "B" Rate construction made of A36 solid steel plate for improved security and appearance.
    • Formed door jamb for increased resistance to sledgehammer attack.
    • Four anchor bolt holes are standard.


    • 1/2" inch thick A36 solid steel plate, recessed to 1/2" to increase resistance to pry attack.
    • U.L. Group II electronic lock.
    • Three 1" diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
    • Bolt deterrent system engages bolt-work automatically.
    • Auxiliary spring-loaded re-locking device.
    • Lock and re-lock protected by large carburized hard-plate.


    • 20-1/4" H x 14" W x 14 D, Weight 79 lbs
    • Cubic Inch Capacity: 1,513

    Standard Locking System - ESL20XL:

    The ESL 20 XL combines the best blend of value and features designed for commercial applications.

    • 15 minute Penalty Lockout after four incorrect entries protects against manipulation attempts.
    • Time Delay Mode: Delays can be set from 1 to 99 minutes.
    • Multiple User Mode: When enabled, one Master code and eight user codes are available with full supervisory control and code management.  At all times, know who is accessing and handling the cash.
    • Duel Control Mode: The lock can be programmed to require two combinations to open for added security.
    • Armored Car Override: When enabled, allows an armored car service to bypass Time Delay.
    • External A/C Power: Provides power for unlimited use with batter power as backup.
    • Control Port: Turn the ESL20XL on/off with an Alarm System or other device.

    Optional Expansion Modules

    • Duress (Silent Signal) Alarm Output.  Provides relay output for alarm system connection.
    • External connection for A/C power transformer on ESL20XL.
    • External connection for control port.

    For ordering assistance please call 1-844-4SafeRx (1-844-472-3379)