• "B" Rate Retail Cash Depository Safe - Front Load No Interior Locker


    Model: PCDS20FNL

    Wide Body "B" Rate Retail Cash Depository Safe - Front Load

    This safe is designed to offer complete cash management versatility with a front load depository option.

    Standard Features:

    • Door: Massive 1/2" thick A36 solid steel plate.
    • Formed high tensile steel body and jamb construction to maximize protection against pry attacks.
    • Reinforced internal jambs on all four sides to provide protection against sledgehammer attacks.
    • U.L. listed ESL20 XL access control lock.
    • 3-Way locking mechanism consisting of five 1" diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
    • Bolt detent system engages bolt-work automatically.
    • Locks and re-locks protected by a large carburized hard-plate.


    • Inside: 9" H x 19-3/4" W x 17" D
    • Outside: 29-3/4" H x 20" W x 20" D
    • Cubic In.: 6,630
    • Weight: 278

    Front Load Depository Features:

    • Recessed heavy duty 1/8" construction with 1/8" door.
    • Protected by dual "anti-fish baffles."
    • Large package capacity: 4" x 9" x 11-1/2" (maximum).
    • May be ordered in any one of four directions: front, reversed, right load or left load.

    Standard Locking System - ESL20XL:

    The ESL 20 XL combines the best blend of value and features designed for commercial applications.

    • 15 minute Penalty Lockout after four incorrect entries protects against manipulation attempts.
    • Time Delay Mode: Delays can be set from 1 to 99 minutes.
    • Multiple User Mode: When enabled, one Master code and eight user codes are available with full supervisory control and code management.  At all times, know who is accessing and handling the cash.
    • Duel Control Mode: The lock can be programmed to require two combinations to open for added security.
    • Armored Car Override: When enabled, allows an armored car service to bypass Time Delay.
    • External A/C Power: Provides power for unlimited use with batter power as backup.
    • Control Port: Turn the ESL20XL on/off with an Alarm System or other device.

    Optional Expansion Modules

    • Duress (Silent Signal) Alarm Output.  Provides relay output for alarm system connection.
    • External connection for A/C power transformer on ESL20XL.
    • External connection for control port.

    For ordering assistance please call 1-844-4SafeRx (1-844-472-3379)