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Class 5 Security Containers

Protect IT Series – CLASS 5 Equivalent Security Containers

The Scripps Safe Protect Series Class 5 security containers are designed for the closed-door security and protection of your video audit trail storage and electronics equipment. These containers provide for the unmanned, on-line operation of computers, network servers and workstations that process and protect sensitive information. Featuring Kaba Locks and rich access control features.


Net Weight: 665 lbs., 9 u rack
Shipping Weight: 710 lbs., Shipping Cube: 22.6 cu. ft.
Inside Dimensions: 18″ H x 19 1/4″ W x 27 1/4″ D, Outside Dimensions: 23 1/8″ H x 22″ W x 36″ D
Clear Door Opening: 17″ H x 19 1/4″ W

NOTE: This container is designed to circulate room air through the cabinet for cooling the electronic equipment while the doors are closed.


Two (2) fans located in the top of the cabinet to evacuate the interior air. Fans are 4″ dia., 105 CFM free air each.

Cable entry box has six (6) 1/2″ diameter hole openings to accommodate the power and signal input cables into all containers. Cable entry box opens up to 1 1/2″ x 5″ opening for insertion of multi-pin connectors and plugs prior to re-assembly of cable box. Mounting is provided on the outside of the container for bolting on an electrical enclosure for the attachment of conduit.

Black cable box has two (2) 1/2″ diameter hole openings for power and signal cables. Opens up to a 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ opening for insertion of plugs.

Protect SeriesTM containers have the cable entry box positioned in the back of the cabinet for ample spacing of the interior cables and to eliminate obstruction of cabling.

Unit is equipped with 19″ EIA vertical rack mounts with 9U rack units.

Built to Class 5 Level equivalent security level protection: 30 man-minutes against covert entry, 20 man – hours against surreptitious entry, 10 man – minutes against forced entry.