Custom SeriesTM Rx Safes & VAULTS

Narcotics Security YOUR Way

Are you applying for your controlled substance license? We can help. We will work directly with your DEA agent and State Licensing Board.

Is your current controlled substance security solution compliant? Don’t know? We offer complementary security consultations.

Thousands of healthcare providers have trusted Scripps Safe to design custom Rx security solutions built around very specific needs. Our CUSTOM Series have been specifically designed to meet the most stringent controlled substance security guidelines for:

• U.S. Federal Government
• State Agencies
• VA Health Care Centers
• National Zoo’s
• Veterinarians & Animal Clinics
• Labs/Research Facilities
• Compounding Pharmacies
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Universities
• In House Doctor Pharmacies
• Manufacturers and Distributors

We can custom design and quote any narcotics security solution to meet your exact needs meeting the most stringent guidelines at an affordable price.

Scripps Safe Pharmacy/Narcotics Safes and Vaults are proudly made in the USA with a 24/7 support and solutions team available to protect your most precious resources: your patients, your employees and you. Pound for pound, our solutions are the best value for your safety and COMPLIANCE.
Many vendors offer off the shelf pharmacy safes and cabinets, but most of these products are non-compliant and can result in significant DEA fines. No one else has the established relationships or expertise on DEA regulations and Rx security.
Scripps Safe will proudly work on your behalf to contact your local DEA agent and State Licensing Board to ensure your controlled substance security compliance. We are the nation’s leading experts on DEA Security and Compliance. We have the established relationships and are here to serve you.
Innovation and advanced technology with 24/7 security you can count on from a company that keeps you safe.