Opioids serve as a good application for painkilling. Due to the addictive nature of them they can be misused and lead to addiction. Ketamine is quickly being recognized as a treatment for opioid addiction. Ketamine’s brand name is Ketalar. It is a growing presence in MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) settings and typically combined with counseling for behavioral therapies. in addressing substance use disorders.

Scientists are still in discovery mode as far as completely knowing all the ins and outs of how Ketamine exactly works. Ketamine should always be prescribed and dispensed by a doctor and/or qualified, licensed professional or practitioner on a dosing schedule. Ketamine, is known to efficiently treat opioid addiction. Ketamine assists the brain’s synapses to become well controlled and return to proper function. It actually can help the brain become healthier in time. When it comes to treating addiction Ketamine can have an impact that helps to eventually ween a person off opioids all together.

Where did Ketamine come from…?

Ketamine became used by anesthetists to induce and maintain general anesthesia for surgical procedures.

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