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Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Must be Kept in a VAULT


Medical marijuana has now been approved in many states across the country. The fact remains it is still a Schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 drugs are required by the DEA to be secured at the highest levels and must be kept in purpose built marijuana vaults. No other company knows DEA narcotics security better than we do. Trust your clinic’s security to the experts. Many “gun safe” dealers can easily re-label their security vaults and update their marketing. The fact remains they don’t know your business and they don’t know your security liability. Scripps Safe works directly with the DEA to build compliant marijuana vaults and solutions.

Controlled Substance Security Experts

We know DEA narcotics security and our expertise is unrivaled by anyone else.    All of our staff have cleared Personal Security Investigations (PSI) and members of our senior executive staff have Secret Level National Security clearance.  We are active members of the FBI’s InfraGard Partnership for Protection and we work closely with the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  We are also active members of the National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities and National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators.




Compliant Monitoring Technology

Protect your controlled substances from your central pharmacy dispensary to your patients.   Easily manage and monitor all narcotics flow no matter the day or time and significantly reduce the threat of internal narcotics diversion.

In compliance with State and Federal law, this platform gives you the ability to maintain constant supervisory view over your narcotics at all times.


Stay safe and compliant with Scripps Safe, your most secure system.

Our Customer Guarantee

We guarantee our GUARDIAN Series, MAX Series, TRXP Series and CUSTOM Series Pharmacy and Narcotics Safes and VAULTS are all handmade and assembled right here in the USA and manufactured with the highest quality standards available. Our U.S. based customer service team is highly qualified to address all your needs to ensure your complete satisfaction in each transaction. We are here to serve each client, or we'll do what it takes to make it right. At Scripps Safe our clients always come first.