New DEA regulations & opportunities to grow practices for treatment of substance abuse disorders, detox, addictions, behavioral health & MAT centers

Scripps Safe is pleased to present a complimentary professional education webinar series; “Mobile Transport Treatment and the New DEA Regulations and Opportunities For Your Growing Practice” to be held August 5, 2021 at 1pm Eastern. This will serve to educate providers and practitioners in the fields of substance abuse disorders, addiction(s), behavioral health, psychiatry and detox.

Medical directors, compliance, quality control and diversion officers are strongly encouraged to attend as well and anyone certified with CARF or NAATP. It is free to attend.

This Mobile Transport of Narcotics for treatment webinar will address the NEW FRONTIER for treatment and recovery practices accelerated by the demand for telehealth due to the COVID pandemic. There are solutions on an outpatient or remote regiment.

Learn how mobile delivery of narcotics for treatment is a federal initiative, the DEA regulations and how to make it a part of your medication assisted treatment (MAT) practice to improve patient outcomes and increase your revenue.

Leading the webinar will be security and best practices process experts ex DEA Agent Carlos Aquino, Founder, Compliance Consultant, Pharma Diversion, LLC, Dr. Frank Breve , President & CEO, Consultant, Professor, Mid Atlantic PharmaTech, Opioid Consulting Educ. Solutions, Temple University Pharmacy
and Chris von Zwehl, SVP & Rx Security Expert, Scripps Safe.

There will be a panel of 3 speakers presenting on their related areas of expertise. Q & A will be based on;
✅ Can and cannot do for existing or new patients
✅ Policies and Procedures
✅ Opportunities for your practice

*Those who register and attend will receive a complimentary white paper “Mobile Methadone” after the presentation.

Please join us for a webinar on Mobile Treatment New DEA Regulations and Opportunities for Your Growing Practice by REGISTERING on the website.

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Scripps Safe presents: Mobile Transport for Medication Assisted Treatment Webinar

Scripps Safe presents: Mobile Transport for Medication Assisted Treatment Webinar Announcement