Protect EMS, Fire Rescue and Paramedic Unit Narcotics

Do you carry narcotics?  Are your narcotics secure?  Are you DEA compliant?

On November 20, 2017 the Hudson, Butterfield Bipartisan EMS Bill was signed into law.  Among many provision this law allows emergency medical responders to administer controlled substances, such as pain narcotics and anti-seizure medications, under the supervision of a physician.


Scripps Safe is the nation's leader in protecting your narcotics in ambulances, fire departments and paramedic vehicles, trusted by tens of thousands of first repsonders.  We ensure all our safes are DEA compliant, prevent internal diversion and provide an audit trail with full administration capabilities.   


Our technology enables you to protect your controlled substances in your vehicles and across multiple fire departments with the ability of remote management from a central administrator or even a mobile device.


Advanced Technology and Innovation:

  • DEA Compliant
  • Remote Management
  • Monitor Access in Real Time
  • Reduce Internal Diversion
  • Custom Configurations & Options
  • Factory Direct Affordable Solutions

Innovation and advanced technology with 24/7 security you can count on from a company that keeps you safe. Trust your narcotics security to the nation's leading experts.

Stay Safe With Scripps Safe… with Total Rx Protection™

to protect your employees and patient's lives.