Affordable MAXIMUM Hospital Security

Does your hospital have a plan to prevent and reduce internal diversion?  Is your current security solution affordable? Are you ready for innovation, maximum security and the most advanced technology for a fraction of your current narcotics security costs?


Scripps Safe is the nation's leader in protecting hospital controlled substances from the nurse's station to the surgical units.  We specialize in working with hospital staff to assess your current operating environment, potential risks and provide the highest level security solutions for a fraction of your current costs.


Most rolling narcotics units and controlled substance dispensing systems can easily be infiltrated and result in severe internal diversion tampering.  Our solutions team has assessed a hospital's greatest risks and developed custom solutions to keep you, your employees and patients safe.


Ensure your patients safety by protecting controlled substances from unauthorized access and tampering.  Scripps Safe is the nation's leader in protecting controlled substances.  Our security solutions allow the Chief Compliance Officer/Hospital Administrator to:


·       Monitor access in real time to all controlled substances.

·       Remote access administration capability with the ability to instantly revoke access.

·       Manage multiple sites and locations from an single location or from a mobile device.

·       Have analytics and audit trail of access records of all authorized users.

·       Duel access authentication to prevent internal diversion.

·       Latest advancements in technology to prevent all unauthorized and forcible entries including robbery and internal drug diversions.


Innovation and advanced technology with 24/7 security you can count on from a company that keeps you safe.


Stay Safe With Scripps Safe… with Total Rx Protection™

to protect your employees and patient's lives.