Controlled Substance Walk-In Vaults and Safes

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are held to the highest controlled substance security storage requirements both at the federal and state levels. Which means, they also face the greatest risk of internal diversion and tampering. Scripps Safe understands these unique risks and has developed integrated solutions for maximum security with smart analytics.

Compliance, Innovation & Smart Analytics

We know DEA security and our expertise is unrivaled by anyone else.

Protect your controlled substances from each of your locations through one central administrator. Easily monitor all security flow no matter the day or time and significantly reduce the threat of internal narcotics diversion.

Meets Constant Supervision Security Requirements

Only Scripps Safe walk-in vaults are available with covert camera surveillance. (patent pending)  This meets your State Pharmacy Board’s legal requirement for “constant supervision security” and significantly reduces any risk for internal diversion or tampering.

Meets Serialization Track and Trace Requirements

Only Scripps Safe vaults and safes are built to integrate with your track and trace serialization requirements. (patent pending)  This meets the Drug Supply Chain Security Act requirements. 

Integrated with your Inventory Management Systems 

Only Scripps Safe vaults and safes are integrated to your inventory management systems. (patent pending)  Full integration means investment protection. 

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Constant Supervision.  Increase Patient Safety.  Reduce Diversion & Liability 

Stay Safe With Scripps Safe… with Total Rx ProtectionTM to protect your employees and patient’s lives.