Multi-Location Pharmacy Narcotics Security 

Scripps Safe is the most trusted leader of multi-chain pharmacies for network connected DEA compliant pharmacy and narcotics safes.  All solutions are available with patent pending surveillance, audit and anti-diversion technology.

DEA Compliant Solutions Available for All Schedules

Network Ready – Centralized Management

Scripps Safe understands the unique requirements of multi-location pharmacies.  Our solutions are integrated, network ready platforms with convenient centralized management of all narcotics safes.  Reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and keep everyone safe from narcotics diversion, only with Scripps Safe.  

Commercial Use Tested

Only Scripps Safe pharmacy and narcotics safes come standard with commercial grade access control systems.  If it’s not commercial grade it is guaranteed to fail within a few years.

Meets Serialization Track and Trace Requirements

Only Scripps Safe has developed narcotics safes and solutions to meet your track and trace serialization requirements. (patent pending)  This meets the Drug Supply Chain Security Act requirements. 

Integrated with your Pharmacy Management Systems 

Scripps Safe solutions protect your pharmacy’s investment.  Scripps Safes storage solutions integrate with your other systems. 

Pharmacists Trust Scripps Safe

We wanted a secure, accountable and compliant narcotics control solution for our eight pharmacies with centralized management and analytics oversight.  Scrips Safe worked tirelessly to develop a budget-minded solution that worked with our infrastructure system.  – JD Faulkner, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, Williams Bros Health Care


Advanced Technology and Innovation:

  • Immediate Inventory Available – Call Today

  • DEA Compliant
  • Bio-metric Access Control Systems
  • Remote Management
  • Monitor Access in Real Time

  • Reduce Internal Diversion
  • Custom Configurations & Options
  • Factory Direct Affordable Solutions


Scripps Safe brings innovation to compliance with 24/7 security you can count on. Above all, trust your narcotics security to the nation’s leading experts. 

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Constant Supervision.  Increase Patient Safety.  Reduce Diversion & Liability


Stay Safe With Scripps Safe… with Total Rx ProtectionTM to protect your employees and patient’s lives.