• Scripps Safe TRXP Series - Small Pharmacy Safe - 24" Depth


    Model: ESPS24

    This safe officially meets or exceeds the DEA guidelines for practitioners.



    §1301.71 Security requirements generally.

    And the more substantial code non-practitioners (when bolted down)


    §1301.72 Physical security controls for non-practitioners; narcotic treatment programs and compounders for narcotic treatment programs; storage areas.

    Scripps Safe TRXP Series of SMALL PHARMACY SAFES offer a great solution for keeping your high-value, high target medications and facility safe from the devastating occurrence of a robbery, burglary or internal drug diversion.

    Not all safes are created equal.  Only Scripps Safes can offer the latest technology advancements

    • Advanced AUDIT Tracking Locking Mechanisms with Remote Monitoring
    • Remote Advanced Access Control System Features (Smart Phone, Mobile Apps, Desktop)
    • Customized & Programmable Time Delay Entry
    • Easily Revoke Access
    Prevent armed robberies, burglaries, internal drug diversions and meet all DEA audit and compliance requirements.

    For ordering assistance please call 1-844-4SafeRx (1-844-472-3379)

    Small Pharmacy Safe Features

    • Scripps Safe TRXP Series are designed to easily replace a standard small wooden pharmacy cabinet.  Each safe is hand made and assembled in the U.S.A.
    • Custom sizes are available upon request on 10 or more safes.
    • Small safes have an outside dimension of 38 1/2" H x 36 1/4" W x 24" D, Weight 342
    • Small safes are designed to fit under the counter or can be stacked and bolted together to create a 4 door taller unit.
    • Two outer doors made of high strength steel with four heavy duty hinges and a two-way locking system.
    • Each safe comes with 2 adjustable shelves.  Additional shelves may be ordered.
    • Optional drawers available to securely store back of stock of (CII) controlled drugs.  Each drawer is equipped with 12 adjustable compartments, heavy-duty ball bearing suspension glides and is secured by the lock of your choice. (Note: Drawers not available on Small 12" deep safes.)
    • Each safe is provided with 4 anchor holes and hardware to secure it to the floor.
    • Each safe comes with a display ready WARNING label.
    • Available in Pharmacy White textured finishes.  Custom colors available.
    • Warranty: One year parts, labor and support.
    • One year unlimited technical service support.
    • Proudly Made in the USA

    Lock Options


    Security access control with great flexibility and total inventory protection.

    The KABA Axessor IP & USB Network  access control system is the highest quality U.L. listed high security IP encrypted lock system with full administration capabilities, rich security features and advanced software and analytics that comes network ready.  German made and engineered means investment protection. The system can grow and adapt as your needs develop.  Rich set of enterprise features and functions.


    SafeWizard II electronic safe controller is the state-of-the-art electronic product for use in controlling and auditing access to safes.  Designed to prevent burglaries and internal theft, the SafeWizard II controls and documents each access to the safe.  Based on contemporary high speed processors, unique user friendly software techniques and ingenious application ideas, this system surpasses all other safe access control systems.  The Safe Wizard II builds on over 10 years of technology success originating with the original Safe Wizard.


    • Customization of system alerts.
    • Wi-Fi, cellular or Ethernet capable. (with optional accessories)
    • Web Services, Admin PC and Smart Phone. (with optional accessories)
    • Group administration functions.
    • Remote or local USB upgrades.
    • Saves up to 120,000 lines of audit records.
    • Accessible for up to 500 users.
    • Controls up to 12 doors and one deposit lock.
    • Time Delay available with a 1 - 99 minute delay and 1 - 99 minute open door period with cancel feature.
    • Time Lock any door, 1- 6 windows per day.
    • Authentication options: PIN code and/or Dallas Key Access Control, optional Finger Print Reader or Card Swipe Devices available.  (Call for special configuration requests)
    • Wrong Try Count Penalty Lockout.
    • Forced PIN changes to decrease risk of compromised PIN's.
    • Armored Car courier Time Delay and Lock Bypass.
    • Duress/Hold-up Alarm with Silent Signal.
    • Burglary Alarm output triggering from selectable events.
    • Enroll unlimited safes in any time zone and maintain a full configuration record.
    • Audit utility allows PC based audit storage management.
    • Communications possibilities are unrivaled.  Incorporating Multiple Serial Devices, optional Ethernet Networking Port.  Audits and administration can be managed through the Serial Port of your Personal Computer or remotely via a Network connection.
    • Audit utility allows PC based audit storage management, data filter and sorting capabilities and excellent exception reporting to focus on key security issues.
    • Ultra-high contrast 8 line by 21 character graphics display.
    • Rechargeable Battery Backup.
    • Built-in System Diagnostics.
    • Alarm Interfaces in the Power Supply Module interfaces the system to any conventional Alarm System, with simple connections for Alarm Output, Duress Output, CCTV Activation and an Input for Alarm System control of the SafeWizard II System.
    • Parallel Printer Interface.
    • Language Options include: English (standard), Spanish, German and French.
    • Warranty: One year parts, labor and support.
    • Extended year (2-5) warranty packages available.

    ESL Audit Access Control System

    The ESL Audit Electronic Lock makes it easy to manage safe access with its integrated USB Port and user-friendly PC Application.  Download lock settings, Upload lock settings, Download audit trail, Upload software upgrades and more!  In addition, all functions can be securely shared via email.

    • Ultra high contrast 4 lines by 21 character graphics display.
    • 2,000 audit records
    • 40 users with unique security privileges.
    • PC application for managing lock and administration setup. (additional software required)
    • Audit utility allows PC-based audit storage management, data filter and sorting.
    • USB interface for quick and cost-effective software upgrades, audit downloads and lock administration setup.
    • Alarm interface in power supply with connections for alarm output or duress. (optional accessory)
    • Controls 1 or 2 doors.  Safe doors can be configured in any inner/outer arrangement.
    • Time Delay any door with a 1 - 99 minute delay and 1 - 99 minute open period with cancel feature.
    • Time lock any door, 1 - 6 windows per day.
    • Authentication options include: PIN Code and or optional e-Key access control.
    • Wrong try count and penalty lockout.
    • Holiday schedule with up to 16 programmable events per year.
    • Automatic daylight savings adjustment.
    • Multiple User Mode: When enabled, one Master code and eight user codes are available with full supervisory control and code management.
    • Dual Control Mode: The lock can be programmed to require two combinations to open for added security.
    • Remote time delay entry indicator with safety with an optional 50 feet of cable.
    • Armored Car Override: When enabled, allows an armored car service to bypass Time Delay.
    • External A/C Power: Provides power for unlimited use with battery power as backup. (optional accessory)
    • Control Port: Turn the ESL Audit Lock on/off with an Access Manager, Alarm System or other device.
    • Warranty: One year parts, labor and support.
    • Extended year (2-5) warranty packages available.

    Note: The ESL Audit utilizes USB Flash Drives to store and transfer information. The ESL Audit is not able to communicate with more advanced Flash drive types due to the type of processor used.  For successful USB operations, the simple Flash Drive type must be used.  A 1GB drive is large enough to store a full Audit Trail file.