Stay Safe with Scripps Safe...Total Rx Protection

Scripps Safe™ Total Rx, CASH and THREAT Protection™ brings prescription and narcotic drug safety and security to the healthcare profession in an affordable and simplified way.  We also carry a full line of cash handling and time management solutions. Scripps Safe is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of Custom Fit Concealable Body Armor for Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

We lower the risks, liability and costs of carrying prescription drugs and narcotics by 75-85%. Our top rated products, support and solutions protect your most precious resources: your customers, your employees and you.  Pound for pound, our safes are the lowest cost and best value for your safety.





All Local, State and Federal Government Agencies and Not-For-Profit Hospitals

are Eligible for Exclusive Discounts off the Factory Direct Pricing - Call for Details