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Smart Series® - Walk-In Vaults

Scripps Safe SMART Series is the Nation’s #1 most Trusted & Recommended Walk-In Vault by State & Federal Regulators

Scripps Safe Smart Series are the leading top rated walk in VAULTS and vault doors purpose built for drug and narcotics storage.  Designed to protect your hi-security locations like government healthcare, hospitals, medical marijuana facility and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

Innovation • Productivity • Security

Scripps Safe Smart SeriesTM offer a great solution for upgrading your current vault to meet the 21st century. Maximum security with smart analytics integrated into your existing systems.

Not all VAULTS are created equal.

Only Scripps Safes Smart SeriesTM vaults can offer the latest technology advancements and integrated software solutions.

Maximum drug security with smart analytics integrated into your existing medication management systems.


DEA COMPLIANT:  These Vaults officially meet or exceed the DEA’s guidelines for  practitioners and non-practitioners. 

Scripps Safe SMART Series – Exceed the U.S. Government Class V Security Container Equivalent Requirements
Walk In VAULTS, VAULT Doors & Day Gates

Scripps Safe walk in VAULTS are built to exceed the GSA Class 5 Federal Specification AA-D-600 equivalent standards. Every vault is an out swing design, either left, or right opening swing. Optional covert camera systems are available for viewing either into or out of the vaulted area. Optional Day Gates also available, in either, Left or right swing.


Standard and custom sizes available.


The Smart SeriesTM Vaults provides the following security protection:

  • 20 man hours against surreptitious entry
  • 30 man minutes against covert entry
  • 10 man minutes against forced entry



Time Functions:

Code functions:



Proudly hand-made and assembled in U.S.A.
Highest Quality American Security Safes & Vaults

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