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DEA Compliant Vaults for Your Narcotic Treatment Clinic

Are you planning to open up a new narcotic treatment clinic? Is your current clinic properly securing your controlled substances? Did you know most clinics are non-compliant in their narcotics security? Do you need a DEA approved safe or narcotics vault?

The federal government recognizes the health crisis associated with the Opioid epidemic and has declared a National Emergency. Substance use disorders have claimed the lives of tens of thousands and addiction treatment centers often become the last hope for recovery.

Addiction treatment clinics save lives. Clinics often have to carry controlled substances under very strict security protocols and are held to the highest non-practitioner security standards under the Controlled Substances Act.

Protecting your controlled substances in such a delicate environment is critical to maintaining compliance and protecting your license.

Scripps Safe Solutions are DEA Compliant, Meet SAMSHA Grant, The Joint Commission and CARF accreditation requirements for storing controlled substances.

Not all vaults will meet the DEA and SAMSHA grant requirements.

Trust your security to the nation’s leading #1 experts.

Scripps Safe is the nation’s leader in protecting your controlled substances. Our security solutions allow the Program Director or Compliance Officer to:

  • Monitor all access in real time to all controlled substances.
  • Remote access administration capability with the ability to instantly revoke access.
  • Manage multiple sites and locations.
  • Have a DEA compliant ready audit trail of access.
  • Help you meet SAMHSA, State Board and authority regulations.
  • Enable duel access authentication to prevent internal diversion.
  • Enjoy the latest advancements in technology to prevent all unauthorized and forcible entries including robbery and diversion.

Innovation and advanced technology with 24/7 security you can count on from a company that keeps you safe.

Have your Program Director or Compliance Officer call us today for a complimentary security evaluation. Let us partner with you to bring hope and recovery.

Visit our Narcotic Safes Product Page

Call today to learn more: 1-844-472-3379

Constant Supervision.  Increase Patient Safety.  Reduce Diversion & Liability 

Stay Safe With Scripps Safe… with Total Rx ProtectionTM to protect your employees and patient’s lives.

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