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Hospital Narcotics Security

Scripps Safe is the hospital leader in DEA compliant walk-in and free standing narcotics vaults.  All solutions are available with integrated patent pending surveillance, audit and anti-diversion technology.

Meets Constant Supervision Security Requirements

Only Scripps Safe hospital vaults are available with covert camera surveillance. (patent pending)  This meets your State Pharmacy Board’s legal requirement for “constant supervision security” and significantly reduces any risk for internal diversion or tampering.

Meets Serialization Track and Trace Requirements

Only Scripps Safe vaults and safes are built to integrate with your track and trace serialization requirements. (patent pending) This meets the Drug Supply Chain Security Act requirements.

Integrated with your Patient Medication Management Systems

Scripps Safe solutions protect your hospital’s investment.  Medication dispensing systems do not replace DEA required controlled substance storage requirements.  Scripps Safes storage solutions integrate with your other systems. 

Hospital Leaders Trust Scripps Safe

Our operational requirements called for redundant diversion solutions at two different pharmacy locations, oncology and central fill.  Scripps Safe had the answer that was well within our budget.  The follow-up and level of service we got was most welcome.

– Jay Tipps, Director, Saint Francis Pharmacy Services

While we were building a brand new health facility and pharmacy, Scripps Safe offered the most cost-effective and compliant storage solution that was custom built around our casework.

 – Carlo Lupano, Pharmacy Residency Director, Valley Health System

Visit our Video Surveillance System for Safes

Visit our Walk-In Vault Product Page

Visit our TL-30 Hospital C2 Storage Safes

Call Today for a Consultation 1-844-472-3379

Constant Supervision.  Increase Patient Safety.  Reduce Diversion & Liability

Stay Safe With Scripps Safe… with Total Rx ProtectionTM to protect your employees and patient’s lives.

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