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Creating A Safer Healthcare Environment®

Safes | Vaults | Smart Access Controls | Inventory Tracking

Scripps Safe is the pharmaceutical and healthcare leader in DEA and State compliant transportation, storage, inventory and dispensing solutions for controlled substances. All solutions are available with integrated patented constant supervision and chain of custody requirements driven by AI.

Inventory Available for Shipment!

Reduce Cost

Your time is valuable. You take care of your patients and let us take care of your compliance. Our solutions save you valuable time and reduce your operational costs.

Lower Risk

Scripps Safe solutions lower your risk of robberies, burglaries, and internal diversion. We are passionate about keeping your pharmaceuticals and everyone safe.

Affordable Solutions

We deliver DEA & State Board compliance, innovative solutions, timely delivery, and unparalleled customer support all at an affordable cost.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Network Ready Narcotics Walk-In Vaults & Safes

We’re Ending the Opioid Crisis™

A hospital complex with many windows and a sign

Hospital & Outpatient

Scripps Safe is the hospital leader in DEA compliant walk-in and free standing narcotics vaults. All solutions are available with integrated patented surveillance, audit and anti-diversion technology.

A building that says clinic in front of it.

Opioid Treatment Center

Are you planning to open up a new opioid treatment clinic? Is your current clinic properly securing your controlled substances? Did you know most clinics are non-compliant in their narcotics security? Do you need a DEA approved safe or narcotics vault?

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Assisted Care Facilities

Assisted Care Facilities across the country are trusting Scripps Safe to keep their facilities safe when handling narcotics. Your senior care facility has unique requirements. Controlled substances need to be tracked, secured and safely delivered to patients. Unfortunately, the threat of internal drug diversion remains very high. Internal diversion can result in drug substitutions.  This can endanger patients lives and result in a DEA audit. Scripps Safe has the expertise and experience in securing controlled substances.

A white and orange ambulance is driving down the street.


The Only EMS Narcotic Safe on the Market with a UL Approved Access Control System and ability to securely manage unlimited users. If it’s not UL, it’s not DEA compliant.

Nation's # 1 Leader in Narcotic Walk-In Vaults & Safes

We Bring Innovation to Compliance®

Scripps Safe happy doctor small


Healthcare, EMS, Pharmacy, Treatment Center, Drug Dispensary leaders across the United States trust Scripps Safe for their narcotics transportation and security requirements. No one knows the U.S. DEA & State Pharmacy Board regulations better than we do. Scripps Safe also serves Canada and has experts on staff to meet all Canadian pharmacy security requirements.

Customer Testimonials

Top notch customer service & solutions provider

JD Faulkner, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy
William Bros Health Care Pharmacy
Read More
Scripps Safe worked tirelessly to develop a budget-minded solution that worked with our infrastructure.
Jay Tipps, Director
Saint Francis Pharmacy Services
Read More
Scripps Safe had the answer that was well within our budget. The follow up and level of customer service we got was most welcome.
Carlo Lupano, Pharmacy Resident Director
Valley Health System
Read More
Scripps Safe offered the most cost-effective and compliant storage solution that was custom built around our casework.
Laura Gould, RPh, Partner
Rx Express Pharmacy
Read More
Hurricane Michael completely destroyed our independent pharmacy. When we called Scripps Safe for help, they replaced all the broken parts free of charge.
Rick Ellis, RPh, Owner
Medicine Shoppe 1072
Read More
Scripps Safe provided us a secure, low-cost solution with simple to use software and analytics.

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We are the nation’s leader in narcotics transportation and storage solutions


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