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Customer Testimonials

“Scripps Safe worked tirelessly to develop a budget-minded solution that worked with our infrastructure.” – JD Faulkner, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, William Bros Health Care Pharmacy

“Scripps Safe had the answer that was well within our budget. The follow up and level of customer service we got was most welcome.” – Jay Tipps, Director, Saint Francis Pharmacy Services

“Scripps Safe offered the most cost-effective and compliant storage solution that was custom built around our casework.” – Carlo Lupano, Pharmacy Resident Director, Valley Health System

“Hurricane Michael completely destroyed our independent pharmacy.  When we called Scripps Safe for help, they replaced all the broken parts free of charge.” – Laura Gould, RPh, Partner, Rx Express Pharmacy

“Scripps Safe provided us a secure, low-cost solution with simple to use software and analytics.” – Rick Ellis, RPh, Owner, Medicine Shoppe 1072

Network Ready Narcotics Walk-In Vaults & Safes

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Scripps Safe is trusted by thousands of health care providers. We are the nation’s leader in narcotics transportation and storage solutions that are fully integrated, increase productivity and lower your cost and risk of carrying narcotics.

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