Stay Safe & Compliant with Scripps Safe

Scripps Safe™ Total Rx Protection™ is the nation's leader in DEA COMPLIANT security solutions.  We bring prescription and narcotic drug security to the healthcare profession in an affordable and simplified way.

Our solutions increase productivity while lowering the risks, liability and cost of carrying prescription narcotics by 75-85%.  Locked cabinets and gun safes DO NOT protect you against crime or internal diversion.  Scripps Safe is the nation's leader is preventing narcotics crime.

Our most popular top rated American made DEA COMPLIANT pharmacy and narcotics safes and vaults are available through the following lines: MAX Hospital Series, GUARDIAN Drug Treatment Center Series, TRXP Pharmacy Series and the RESCUE EMS/Fire Series


Are you applying for your controlled substance license? We can help, working directly with your DEA agent.

Is your current solution compliant? We offer complementary security consultations.

Thousands of healthcare providers have trusted Scripps Safe to design custom Rx security solutions built around very specific needs.  Our CUSTOM Series have been specifically designed to meet the most stringent guidelines of U.S. Federal Government, State Agencies, VA Health Care Centers, National Zoo's, Animal Clinics, Labs/Research Facilities, Universities, Manufacturers and Distributors

We can custom design and quote any narcotics security solution to meet your exact needs.

Scripps Safe Pharmacy and Narcotics Safes and Vaults are proudly Made in the USA with a 24/7 support and solutions team available to protect your most precious resources: your patients, your employees and you.  Pound for pound, our solutions are the best value for your safety and COMPLIANCE. 

Many vendors offer off the shelf cabinets, gun safes or off-shore pharmacy safes, but most of these products are non-compliant and can result in significant DEA fines. Worse, they do not protect against pharmacy related crimes and diversion.  No one else has the established relationships or expertise on Rx security.


Scripps Safe will proudly work on your behalf to contact your local DEA and State Licensing Board to ensure security compliance.  We are the nation's leading experts on DEA Security and Compliance.  We have the established relationships and are here to serve you each step of the way.




All Local, State and Federal Government Agencies and Not-For-Profit Hospitals

are Eligible for Exclusive Discounts off the Factory Direct Pricing - Call for Details