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Robbery / Burglary Guarantee - Rx Safe

Scripps Safe, Inc. Limited Lifetime Burglary-Robbery Guarantee Program

Rx Safe Guarantee – Any new pharmacy or narcotics safe or vault purchased from Scripps Safe, Inc. shall be replaced FREE of charge for life if it is unlawfully and fully breached, rendered unusable through the actions of a reported burglary or robbery. Guarantee committed to pharmacy security.

Terms and Conditions of “Limited Lifetime Burglary-Robbery Guarantee” by Scripps Safe, Inc.

The pharmacy/narcotics safe or drug vault was purchased new from Scripps Safe, Inc. or one of its authorized distributors.

The “safe” must come equipped with the optional “Anti-Burglary Modular Alarm Kit” (that detects heat/ blow-torch, vibration, drill attack, motion, door opening or movement,) installed at the factory.

The “safe” must have “Wire Guard” protective flexible steel conduit cable protector, a factory installed option, to protect against exposed wires.

The “safe” is operationally connected to a centrally monitored commercial alarm service, on a separate alarm partition requiring a separate code apart from any door entry access, with line interrupt coverage. Such alarm code should only be known by those individuals with lawful right of entry.

Scripps Safe “SECURITY” signs must be posted on the “safe” and at entrances.

A claim under this guarantee must be accompanied by a police report with photos of the breached “safe” and proof an insurance claim was filed.

A claim under this guarantee must be accompanied by a verified police response of 15 minutes or less to the alarm system or surveillance footage.

There must be no violations of any applicable state and federal laws regarding controlled substance storage requirements.


Only an unlawfully and fully breached pharmacy safe is covered by this guarantee, defined as: a pharmacy safe being opened and having contents unlawfully stolen.

Scripps Safe has the right to replace the guaranteed “safe” with a like or similar model should the original “safe” be out of production.

This “safe” burglary & robbery guarantee only covers “safes” and/ or vaults that are in their original installation/ delivery point.

“Safes” that were moved to another location or modified in any way are NOT covered by this guarantee.

Pharmacy safes must have been functional and maintained in good working condition prior to the reported damage.

This guarantee does not express or imply any coverage or liability for the loss of “safe” contents, the business operations or personal liability.

The “safe” owner is responsible for shipping, handling and installation of the replacement “safe.”

Scripps Safe has the right to require the breached “safe” to be returned for inspection, payable by Scripps Safe.

Scripps Safe has the right to attempt repair of the breached drug safe prior to replacement.

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