Vision Statement

To innovate and develop integrated pharmaceutical security solutions to create a safer healthcare environment.

Stay Safe with Scripps Safe with Total Rx Protection.TM

About Us

Scripps Safe, Inc. is the nation’s leader of pharmaceutical security and storage solutions to prevent drug diversions in a healthcare environment.  Our solutions bring innovation to compliance.  We have  integrated our solutions to common inventory management and dispensing systems, added patented security technology and advanced analytics.   The Scripps Safe team is comprised of highly trained, dedicated and passionate employees.  We are trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals.  We believe in providing the finest quality products, ensuring the highest level of customer service and making a difference in the world. We want to keep you safe.



Why Choose Scripps Safe? 

  • Scripps Safe is the nation’s leading expert in DEA narcotics security and drug storage requirements.  Our expertise is unrivaled by anyone else.
  • Only Scripps Safe sends you engineering and UL Certification paperwork to get you pre-approved before your actual DEA site inspection.
  • Only Scripps Safe can offer solutions to integrate your walk-in vault or safe to your pharmacy management systems and back end software with patent pending technology.
  • Only Scripps Safe can offer patent pending surveillance technology to your safe.
  • Only Scripps Safe can offer the most advanced walk-in vault on the market with analytics and audit capability.
  • Only Scripps Safe can offer EMS/Fire Rescue/Ambulance narcotics safes that have unlimited user access, remote management and audit capability.
  • Only Scripps Safe offers the “Robbery/Burglary” FREE replacement guarantee.
  • Only Scripps Safe works with the DEA, NADDI, NASCSA and State Pharmacy Boards to ensure all our solutions are compliant.

Trust the Experts.  All of our staff have cleared Personal Security Investigations (PSI).  Senior members of our executive staff have Secret Level National Security clearance. We are members of the FBI’s InfraGard Partnership for Protection and we work closely with the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). We are also members of the National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities and National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators.  Our staff members are experts in DEA License Security Requirements.

Most importantly, our team is here to serve you, our CUSTOMER. We love what we do and our proud of our mission to ensure your safety with a full line of quality Pharmaceutical Storage and Security solutions.


Scripps Safe, Inc. corporate headquarters located in Naples, Florida.
9051 Tamiami Trail N, Suite 210
Naples, Fl 34103
Scripps Safe is proud to be a Federal Government Certified 100% Woman Owned Business with an active SAM registration.

Hours of Operation

Scripps Safe, Inc. corporate office is open Monday – Friday 9 – 5:30 p.m. EST