DEA Security Compliance Regulations

Scripps SafeTM Total Rx ProtectionTM is the nation’s leader in DEA COMPLIANT security solutions. We bring prescription and narcotic drug security to the healthcare profession in an affordable and simplified way.

Our solutions increase productivity while lowering the risks, liability and cost of carrying prescription narcotics by 75-85%. Locked cabinets and gun safes DO NOT protect you against crime or internal diversion. Scripps Safe is the nation’s leader is preventing narcotics crime.

Our most popular top rated American made DEA COMPLIANT pharmacy and narcotics safes and vaults are available through the following lines:


  • SMART Series – Walk-In Narcotics Vaults
  • SAFEDISPENSE Series – UL TL-30 Hospital C2 Safes
  • GUARDIAN Series – UL TL-30 & UL TL-15 Narcotics Safes
  • TRXP Series – Pharmacy Safes
  • RESCUE Series – EMS Narcotics Safes