Law Enforcement – Drug Vaults

Are Your Seized Narcotics Compliant with DEA Security Guidelines?

Military and law enforcement officers across the country seize illicit drugs every single day. These drugs are more often than not Schedule 1 narcotics and MUST be secured to the HIGHEST DEA compliance guidelines in purpose built drug vaults. Whether you seize a single gram or pounds of illicit drugs you must have a policy and procedure in place to manage, monitor and secure the seized narcotics. Only Scripps Safe can offer narcotics vaults with remote access management, audit trails and smart analytics.
Very often large vault rooms and cages DO NOT meet the DEA’s security guidelines for Schedule 1 narcotics. If you’re not sure, give us a call.

Keep Narcan & Naloxone Secure & DEA Compliant

The opioid crisis is changing the role of law enforcement across the country.  If you carry Narcan and/or Naloxone you MUST meet DEA compliance guidelines for the safe handling, security and storage of these narcotics.

No other company has the experience or expertise to consult and guide you on maintaining these requirements.

Compliant Monitoring Technology

Do you need to protect multiple locations?  Easily manage and monitor all narcotics safes/vaults from one central administrator no matter the day or time and significantly reduce the threat of internal narcotics and/or evidence tampering.

In compliance with Federal law, easily maintain constant supervisory view over all your seized narcotics.


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