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Scripps Safe, Inc. Guardian Series® Covered by SAMSHA Grants

SAMSHA grants will cover the cost of the Scripps Safe Guardian Series® for DEA compliant storage, up to $8,000.

NAPLES, FL, USA, May 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Naples, FL – 14MAY2020: Scripps Safe, Inc. a Naples-based pharmaceuticals and healthcare solutions leader announced that SAMSHA grants will cover the cost of their Guardian Series® DEA compliant storage units for up to $8,000.* All SAMSHA grants require opioid addiction treatment programs (OTP’s) to meet stringent DEA requirements for the storage of controlled substances. The Guardian Series® meets those requirements.

SAMSHA is issuing multiple grant awards for the treatment and prevention of opioid addiction and suicide. The current national COVID-19 crisis will certainly contribute to the risk of Americans needing urgent care to address mental health needs, including suicidality and addiction treatment. The federal government has committed billions to provide people with accessible and much-needed treatment, including hundreds of new planned facilities. New operations to treating opioid addiction will require federal registration, accreditation by JAYCO, CARF, and others in addition to the DEA to store and dispense controlled substances.

“We are very happy to see SAMSHA included funds within their grants for capital equipment purchases, such as the Guardian Series® storage units to keep narcotics safe,” explained Christopher von Zwehl, SVP, Rx Security.

Scripps Safe is committed to creating a safer healthcare environment as the nation’s most trusted leader in pharmaceutical and healthcare diversion control.

*Conditions apply. See grant application for details.


About Scripps Safe, Inc.
Scripps Safe, Inc. is the nation’s leader of pharmaceutical security, storage, and dispensing solutions to prevent drug diversions in a healthcare environment. Our solutions bring innovation to compliance.TM We have integrated our solutions to common inventory management and dispensing systems added patented security technology and advanced analytics. The Scripps Safe team is comprised of highly trained, dedicated, and passionate employees. We are trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals. We believe in providing the finest quality solutions, ensuring the highest level of customer service and making a difference in the world. We create a safer healthcare environment.TM

Jackie Anz
Scripps Safe, Inc.
+1 844-472-3379
email us here

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