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EMS World Innovations Award Winner

Scripps Safe Named 2021 EMS World Innovation Awards Winner

Scripps Safe Wins Praise for Pharmaceutical Inventory and Access Management System

Scripps Safe, Inc., a national leader in narcotics transportation, storage and dispensing solutions, has been named a 2021 EMS World Innovation Awards Winner at the annual EMS World Expo in Atlanta.

EMS World is the most influential and trusted voice among emergency medical services professionals. The company publishes EMS World Magazine and runs North America’s largest EMS trade show/educational conference as part of HMP Global.

Scripps Safe was recognized for its Scripps SystemTM, an end-to-end SaaS pharmaceutical inventory and access management system with smart analytics, a single integrated platform solution for narcotics/pharmaceutical transport, security, surveillance, access, inventory management, and analytics. A key component is the data which is held separate and aside from electronic health records, firewalled and encrypted. This monthly subscription cloud-based service connects to the inventory management system. The system runs on Verizon, T-Mobile, and/or AT&T LTE 4G/5G+ Wi-Fi networks for uninterrupted operability for first response reliability.

According to EMS World, the award was based on the simple question “What new technologies would help you perform your job more effectively?” The award recognizes what EMS World judges consider to be the most pioneering products of the year that were displayed at their October EMS World Expo in Atlanta.

“We are honored EMS World acknowledged us this year and so many EMS industry leaders choose Scripps Safe,” said Jacqueline Anz, Scripps Safe President/CEO and leading expert on pharmaceutical security and safety solutions. “We are trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals and work hard to reduce cost, lower risk and deliver affordable solutions.”

The independent judges consisted of EMS World’s Editorial Advisory Board members and its faculty who met one-on-one with each company’s representative, evaluated the entry, and learned about its application to determine if each company fit each component. The judges determined Scripps Safe was deserving of the recognition based on its very secure system for storing and tracking an agency’s narcotics.

About Scripps Safe, Inc.

Based in Naples, Florida, Scripps Safe is an innovative national provider of integrated solutions that help ensure end-to-end security for narcotics storage, transportation, and dispensing.  The objective is to protect the chain of custody and prevent diversion. The company serves several industry channels including government healthcare, hospitals and outpatient centers, EMS, opioid treatment centers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, retail pharmacies, nursing homes, veterinarians and marijuana dispensaries.  Scripps Safe is a member of the FBI’s InfraGard Healthcare Partnership of Protection, and all staff members maintain National Security clearance.  For more information visit www.scripps-safe.com or call (844) 472-3379.


Originally Published on JEMS

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