EMS Narcotics Safes

Scripps Safe serves EMS agencies as advocates by consulting with first responders directly to advance industry offerings as well as consistently develop hardware with software solutions to deliver innovation to compliance.

We believe in supporting the practices of safe care through deploying new technologies and delivering a portfolio of high-quality product solutions. Our goal is to promote responsiveness, achieve increased clinical quality, attain organizational efficiencies as well as decreased risk and liability for all interests.

Rescue Series® – EMS/Fire & Ambulance Security for Controlled Substances

Scripps Safe RESCUE Series® are the most trusted safes by EMS/Fire and Ambulance first responders to protect controlled substances in vehicles.  Designed to securely fit in a small space,  keep narcotics secure and help prevent internal diversion.  Our narcotics safes are for use on the scene in the EMS and Ambulance settings under our Guardian Series®. Simply put, the safes and known in industry as “narc boxes or safes”.

These medical and drug safes are for the management, safety, security and control of narcotics and/or controlled substances in the field. Our solutions assist emergency professionals and their supervisors to focus on urgent treatment, medical care, transporting of the injured, those at risk or life threatened individuals that they are attending to on scene. 

Additionally, our smart locks provide features for our drug safes or narcotic cabinets (narc boxes) that make them electronically programmable for access and inventory monitoring of the EMS lock boxes. This ability means that each and every EMS agency can be on schedule to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandates. Their are numerous new regulatory changes that impact the EMS and Ambulance community.

Scripps Safe can provide tools to meet these challenges. For more on the EMS requirements for compliance in tracking, tracing and documentation see this article by Dean Meenach published in EMS in Focus


The only EMS Safes on the Market that are UL Approved.

Innovation • Productivity • Audit Security

EMS on call

Not all first responder narcotics safes are created equal.  Many vendors offer “EMS Safes” with NON-UL locks. 


Only Scripps Safes RESCUE Series® offers the latest technology advancements, UL certified and the capability to handle unlimited users with DEA compliant UL access control systems.

  • Unlimited user access options.
  • Advanced AUDIT Tracking Locking Mechanisms with Remote Monitoring
  • Advanced Remote Access Control System Features (Smart Phone, Mobile Apps and/or Desktop, and numerous optional accessories)
  • Customized & Programmable Time Delay Entry
  • Double Bolt Locking Mechanism to Prevent Pry Entry
  • Easily Revoke Access
  • Central Alarm System connection and more…

Prevent armed robberies, burglaries, internal drug diversions and meet all DEA audit and compliance requirements.

  • Central Alarm System Ready
  • Ability to Monitor / Revoke Access
  • ½” thick solid steel recessed door, formed, high-tensile steel body and reinforced jambs on all four sides to maximize protection against pry and sledgehammer attacks.
  • Two Standard Sizes:
    1. 11.25H” x 11.5W” x 12.75D”, Weight: 70 lbs, Shelf: 1
    2. 14.0 H” x 14.0 W” x 14.0 D”, Weight: 67 lbs, Shelf: 1                   
  • Warranty: One year parts, labor and support.
  • One year unlimited technical service support.
  • Each safe comes with a display ready SECURITY label.


  • Locks and re-locks protected by a large carburized hard-plate and an auxiliary spring-loaded re-lock device.
  • 3-way locking mechanism consisting of three massive 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
  • Bolt-detent system keeps bolts retracted when the door is open and then automatically engages when door is shut.
  • Four anchor bolt holes with hardware included.
  • Door can be configured to open either right or left.


Standard Access Control System

  • The UL Listed Type I High-Security Access Control System is high quality and informative security.  Features include a full audit and administration capability and allows up to 28 users with additional admin users available.
  • Commercial grade electronic lock with audit trail, easy to operate, faster and simpler to program and offers more advanced features and functionality.
  • This model offers users a simple, secure solution for audit-able access control and is the perfect upgrade or replacement for a traditional mechanical lock (which are not DEA compliant).
  • Upgraded, WiFi and IP enabled Access Control Systems also Available
  • Users & Audit Features
  • Up to 28 Users
  • 500 time and date stamped events
  • Fast download to USB flash drive
  • Save as PDF, Excel, Word or Txt file
  • View, Print or E-Mail
  • No More Keys!
    Model Features
    • Field Programming: via keypad for single control, duel control and manager/employee modes (up to 100 users)
    • Non-Solenoid Construction: eliminates the threat of vibration and bouncing attacks
    • Management Reset Code: in the event the master code is lost
    • Integrated User Interface: three keypad LEDs (green, yellow, red) for lock status indication
    • Low Battery Indicator: signals when batteries (standard 9-volt) need to be replaced
    • Time Delay: up to 99 minutes
    • Penalty Lockout Feature: to deter random code entry attempts
    • Audible and Visual Signal: every time the bolt extends to the lock position
    • BPI (Bolt Position Indicator): available as an add on cable


    • UL Type 1