EMS Narcotics Safes

Rescue Series – EMS/Fire & Ambulance Security for Controlled Substances

Scripps Safe RESCUE SeriesTM are the most trusted safes by EMS/Fire and Ambulance first responders to protect controlled substances in vehicles.  Designed to securely fit in a small space,  keep narcotics secure and help prevent internal diversion.  


The only EMS Safes on the Market that can manage

UNLIMITED users and are UL Approved.


Innovation • Productivity • Audit Security

Not all first responder narcotics safes are created equal.  Many vendors offer “EMS Safes” with NON-UL locks. 


Only Scripps Safes RESCUE SeriesTM offers the latest technology advancements, UL certified and the capability to handle unlimited users with DEA compliant UL access control systems.

  • Unlimited user access options.
  • Advanced AUDIT Tracking Locking Mechanisms with Remote Monitoring
  • Advanced Remote Access Control System Features (Smart Phone, Mobile Apps and/or Desktop, and numerous optional accessories)
  • Customized & Programmable Time Delay Entry
  • Double Bolt Locking Mechanism to Prevent Pry Entry
  • Easily Revoke Access
  • Central Alarm System connection and more…

Prevent armed robberies, burglaries, internal drug diversions and meet all DEA audit and compliance requirements.

  • Central Alarm System Ready
  • Ability to Monitor / Revoke Access
  • ½” thick solid steel recessed door, formed, high-tensile steel body and reinforced jambs on all four sides to maximize protection against pry and sledgehammer attacks.
  • Two Standard Sizes:
    1. 11.25H” x 11.5W” x 12.75D”, Weight: 70 lbs, Shelf: 1
    2. 14.0 H” x 14.0 W” x 14.0 D”, Weight: 67 lbs, Shelf: 1                   
  • Warranty: One year parts, labor and support.
  • One year unlimited technical service support.
  • Each safe comes with a display ready SECURITY label.


  • Locks and re-locks protected by a large carburized hard-plate and an auxiliary spring-loaded re-lock device.
  • 3-way locking mechanism consisting of three massive 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
  • Bolt-detent system keeps bolts retracted when the door is open and then automatically engages when door is shut.
  • Four anchor bolt holes with hardware included.
  • Door can be configured to open either right or left.


Standard Access Control System

  • The S&G Audit 2.0,  UL Listed Type I High-Security Access Control System is high quality and informative security.  Features include a full audit and administration capability and allows up to 100 users.  
  • Commercial grade electronic lock with audit trail, easy to operate, faster and simpler to program and offers more advanced features and functionality.
  • This model offers users a simple, secure solution for audit-able access control and is the perfect upgrade or replacement for a traditional mechanical lock (which are not DEA compliant).
  • Upgraded, WiFi and IP enabled Access Control Systems also Available
Users & Audit Features
  • Up to 100 Users
  • 1000 time and date stamped events
  • Fast download to USB flash drive
  • Save as PDF, Excel, Word or Txt file
  • View, Print or E-Mail
  • No More Keys!
Model Features
  • Field Programming: via keypad for single control, duel control and manager/employee modes (up to 100 users)
  • Non-Solenoid Construction: eliminates the threat of vibration and bouncing attacks
  • Management Reset Code: in the event the master code is lost
  • Integrated User Interface: three keypad LEDs (green, yellow, red) for lock status indication
  • Low Battery Indicator: signals when batteries (standard 9-volt) need to be replaced
  • Time Delay: up to 99 minutes
  • Penalty Lockout Feature: to deter random code entry attempts
  • Audible and Visual Signal: every time the bolt extends to the lock position
  • BPI (Bolt Position Indicator): available as an add on cable


  • UL Type 1
  • EN 1300
  • Vds Class 2
  • A2P B/E
  • ECB-S
  • CNPP