EMS Narcotics Safes

Rescue Series – EMS/Fire & Ambulance Security for Controlled Substances

Scripps Safe RESCUE SeriesTM are the most trusted safes by EMS/Fire and Ambulance first responders to protect controlled substances in vehicles.  Designed to securely fit in a small space,  keep narcotics secure and help prevent internal diversion.  


The only EMS Safes on the Market that can manage

UNLIMITED users and are UL Approved.


Innovation • Productivity • Biometric Security

Not all first responder narcotics safes are created equal.  Many vendors offer “EMS Safes” with NON-UL locks.  THESE ARE NOT DEA COMPLIANT.

Only Scripps Safes RESCUE SeriesTM offers the latest technology advancements, bio-metric access and the capability to handle unlimited users with DEA compliant UL access control systems.

  • Fingerprint & bio-metric access control options.
  • Advanced AUDIT Tracking Locking Mechanisms with Remote Monitoring
  • Advanced Remote Access Control System Features (Smart Phone, Mobile Apps and/or Desktop, and numerous optional accessories)
  • Customized & Programmable Time Delay Entry
  • Double Bolt Locking Mechanism to Prevent Pry Entry
  • Easily Revoke Access
  • Central Alarm System connection and more…

Prevent armed robberies, burglaries, internal drug diversions and meet all DEA audit and compliance requirements.

  • Central Alarm System Ready
  • Ability to Monitor / Revoke Access
  • ½” thick solid steel recessed door, formed, high-tensile steel body and reinforced jambs on all four sides to maximize protection against pry and sledgehammer attacks.
  • Standard Size – 14H x 14W x 14D, Weight: 67, Shelves 1
  • Additional Sizes: Smaller sizes and weights available.
  • Warranty: One year parts, labor and support.
  • One year unlimited technical service support.
  • Each safe comes with a display ready SECURITY label.


  • Locks and re-locks protected by a large carburized hard-plate and an auxiliary spring-loaded re-lock device.
  • 3-way locking mechanism consisting of three massive 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
  • Bolt detent system keeps bolts retracted when the door is open and then automatically engages when door is shut.
  • Four anchor bolt holes with hardware included.
  • Door can be configured to open either right or left.


Standard Access Control System

  • The KABA LA AUDIT GARD 5750SC-K,  UL Listed Type I High-Security Access Control System, is an economically priced, dual user electronic combination lock designed for a wide range of commercial applications for up to 8 users.  This model offers users a simple, secure solution for auditable access control and is the perfect upgrade or replacement for a traditional mechanical lock (which are not DEA compliant).
  • Manager – performs administrative functions, can open the lock
  • One or two access users – lock will accept either one or two combinations
  • Dual control mode – two valid combinations are required to open the lock
Super Master Reset (SMR)
  • When programmed, an emergency code that will return the lock back to default mode
Silent/Duress Alarm (Additional Alarm Box Required*)
  • Duress signal is sent to alarm box if the last number of the combination is entered using either one number higher or lower. Lock will open without indication that a duress signal has been sent to the alarm system.
Audit Trail
  • Utilizing audit software and the 5750SC-K entry unit, capture the last 512 sequential actions of the lock.
Wrong Try Penalty
  • Four consecutive invalid codes initiate a five minute delay
Low Battery Indicator
  • Audio and visual signals
Power Source
  • Single 9v alkaline battery located in the unit.


Biometric Access Control System

  • Biometric security access control with simple operation and rich features the KABA LA GARD Smart Series 9160 UL Listed Type I High-Security Access Control System.

The Smart Series offers a range of features: multiple master codes, 8-98 users, user role assignment and the ability to manage up to five locks from a single logic module.

Accountability is more than a deterrent; it’s the strongest weapon available to prevent internal theft. The Smart Series provides accountability through indisputable audit information. The advanced features of SmartLinc offer up to 4000 audit events in each lock and 1000 system events at the logic module.

Ensuring your employees’ safety and security is paramount. Features like the Silent Signal Duress Alarm, Time Lock scheduling and Time Delay allow for time controlled access and warnings to be sent in the event of a robbery.

  • Standard Colors: Satin Black.  Custom colors available.
  • Many additional options and accessories available to enhance security and storage configurations.  Including: extra shelves, burglary defeat alarm module, wire guard and more.
  • 1 year on safes & 2 years on access control system